I Bet it Translates to Tantalizing [Tantalo / Panama City, Panama]

Wondering what there is to do in Panama City?! Well, actually a lot. I was quite surprised to find out it is like.. a real city after having ventured through many-a Latin & South American capitals that I have been generally happy to leave right after touching down. While the skyline made me think Miami, that also meant a lot of Americanization was present. Which, makes sense after remembering that whole canal we helped fund the digging of.

Anyway, I only had one day before I had to catch a flight back to the US for – you guessed it – another wedding! So after catching up from our sleepless bus night, we headed to the internet to slog through boring blogs/top ten lists to find stuff to do. Lo and behold, the top suggestions were the basic human functions walking around and eating. Upon further research, two ‘top eats’ lists both mentioned this spot Tantalo that hit on pretty much all of my favorite things: tasty/inexpensive food, live music, and a rooftop with a view!

Gym time ran us right up to the amazing sunset which we saw from our Uber, rather than the roof. However, that was quickly rectified by the insane murals that covered most of the restaurants’ interior (including the stairwells!)

Earth – beautiful and also full of trash (our table was on the left, despite probably aligning better with the right 😝)
Coolest bar mural I’ve ever seen.

The host recommended we eat downstairs, rather than on the roof like we’d reserved, and the art convinced me to heed. The only thing that could have distracted me at that point was food, so good thing that’s what we were there for! If we’d been a little richer or fatter (aka had Jeinbag been with us), this would have been a great time to order one of everything on the menu. We kept it somewhat reasonable though, cuz backpacking on a budget..

Course 1: Ceviche with what they called a slushie on top!

Course 2: Apple and gorgonzola salad with a side (top) of fungal growth!

Course 3: I don’t know what to call this meat platter that could truly do it justice. The Argentinian steak with chimichurri had me feeling some kinda way.

And OF Course Dessert! It may not look sexy, but damn did it taste… tantalizing (ba dum cha).

It’s not the most full I’ve ever been, but it was one of the better fulls! And we still had the apertif (rooftop views) to enjoy! I’m going to blame COVID and it being a Wednesday for there being a lack of live music, but that was only a slight smudge on the night.

While the views were amazing, we decided to give the blogs’ touted “walking around Casco Viejo” deal a shot so I could see at least some of the city in my only night there. Lezbehonest though, it was primarily so we could give a local taproom a try! Chris says he accidentally ordered two beers at once, but I think he was just feelin’ La Rana Dorada‘s selection!

And we left looking as happy as their mascot 😌

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