A Tale of Two Shitty Planes [US > Peru]

After waiting for what feels like forever, we’re both free! Our first stop as a misfit family is Peru to finally hike the Inca trail three years after we initially decided to. Chris and Justin were coming from Key West to fly out of Ft. Lauderdale, and Krista from Madison on a three legger with an overnight layover in DTW, all converging in ATL. Ideally, that would have been it, and this would be our shortest story to date, but the travel gods really wanted to make us earn this one.

The plane out of FLL had a little maintenance kerfuffle that delayed it not once, twice, but three times over the course of 7 hours. Luckily we were scheduled for a long layover in ATL, but the last delay at boarding had them landing at 2:42pm across the airport for a 3pm connection. I’m no math magician but if I was a gambling (wo)man, I didn’t like the odds.

The next 25 minutes were Krista’s most suspenseful time on a tarmac by a long shot. Not surprisingly, the gate agents and flight attendants had no sympathy for them missing the flight since it happens all the time, but I got this one lady’s attention by saying I’d pee the seat from happiness after she gave me a shred of hope that they might still be able to make it…

“Please don’t.”
“Ok fine, if you hold the plane so they can make it, I’ll promise not to pee ;)”

Little did I know at the time that toilet related issues were the reason we didn’t push back at 2:50…

So after a bunch of furious text messages, and some questionably barefoot sprinting through the airport, Chris & Justin strolled onto the plane to my relatively subdued jumping and screeching. This feels like a spot where I should make a joke about living up to our “run far, travel farther” name, and end the post, but it’s not.

Back to the potty – whoever clogged the toilet did such work on it that they took down the entire plumbing system. As you can imagine, this would not be ideal for a 7 hour flight, so they had to tag in a new metal birdy for us.

Another 3 hours later, and several drinks in the lounge, we finally boarded the plane that would get us to Peru. As we were settling in, a flight attendant looked at Chris and I and congratulated “Mr. & Mrs. Taylor” for making the connection. I clearly could not take the credit for an airport sprint (or let the backhanded dig thinking Chris and I were married slide) so I appropriately identified Justin as his terminal running partner and Mrs 😂… congrats to the happy couple!

And we giggled all the way to Lima… syncing up our in-flight entertainment to watch movies together cause Team Wooloo, like the Goonies, never stops never stopping (aka never says die).

Hey look, ma! We made it!
Ocean view at breakfast the next morning!

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  1. Air travel at its finest. 😂 Looks like an awesome place to go to though


    1. Aint that the truth… Peru has definitely been incredible thus far!


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