Frolicking in Freedom (Munich, Germany 🇩🇪)

You know that feeling where you just made a really big decision, but it feels like nothing has changed (yet)? Well, that’s how July 26, 2021 felt for me. Yesterday was my first official (Mon)day of funemployment! And while I know this is a pretty big deal, yesterday didn’t feel all that much different from any other day off. Is this a honeymoon phase of unemployment or is this how life is suppose to feel? There was no sense of dread as I woke up knowing I had X hours of meetings before I could workout.. 8(ish) hours a day of sitting in a chair before I could actually do something meaningful to me.

Call me crazy, but I don’t think humans exist to stare at a camera on a computer screen 8+ hours a day for the purpose of earning enough money to do something they care actually care about. Work is like golden handcuffs, you often have to do it to earn enough money to do something you want to do, then have to go right back to your job to be able to afford doing another activity you love.
Now, I’m pretty smooth brained, but if I had to relate this to something my wrinkle brained friends could understand, I’d call this Stockholm Syndrome. You go back to your job time and time again because you feel that’s what you need to do.

For those of you that needed a deeper understanding of smooth brain 🙂

Whelp, fuck that!

We threw off those handcuffs and decided to forge our own path doing what we love… traveling, exploring, adventuring, spending time with friends, and most importantly… doing whatever we feel like doing because we want to be doing it. For the time being, that doesn’t include virtual meetings 🙂

So, I celebrated this release by doing what I love, taking a random trip to another place. As it was my last weekend in Europe for a bit, I wanted to go somewhere fun to start this backpacking adventure right. Google flights, in combination with my wallet and airline loyalties said that meant Munich, Germany. I’d been there before, but only for Oktoberfest (Rip 2020 and 2021) so it would be fun to see it in a (relatively) normal light.

On my first day in the city I took care of the COVID test I’d need to fly to the USA because apparently the world rushed to a vaccine so that they could go “nah nah honey science ain’t good.” Following this I found my way to Prien am Chiemsee for the purposes of doing well… nothing. I found a nice little lunch spot on lake Chiemsee before walking to what I was told was a beach. Spoiler alert, if you are from somewhere with an ocean, you will be wildly underwhelmed :). It may not have been the most active or exciting day, but after a whirlwind couple of weeks (years), a day doing nothing was nice.

Lakey lake!

Relaxing is nice and all, but I’m too much of am endorphin junkie for sitting around too long. So, on day 2 I made my way to Geigelstein for a day of hiking! Granted, my new hiking shoes are patiently waiting for me at my dad’s back in the USA (soon my pretties), so I was rocking some old running shoes, but they were more than sufficient for my first hike in the German Alps! The mountain had a winding dirt road for cars and bikers, but I did manage to find some more ‘hiking’ specific trails that if I saw a car or bike on I’d be quite concerned that one of us had taken a terribly wrong turn!

After about 2 hours of climbing, I found a nice little mountain restaurant to have lunch at. The caveat being that I don’t speak German nor am I near civilization sooo I ended up picking something off the menu and going for it. Luckily I ended up with white sausage and a pretzel (weisswurst), which is common enough, but it was written as Weißwurst and I’m clearly not cultured enough to have put the two together.

Geigelstein views

During lunch the weather started taking a turn though, so after some deliberation I decided to head back down the mountain. It was a damn good thing I did because holy hackerel did the sky unleash one hell of a storm. Thunder boomed, lightning blossomed, and rain pummeled. Fun fact, being on a mountain is not the safest place to be in a storm like that, but I didn’t die so as they say in German, alles good.

Having weathered the storm, day 3 would be a bit different. It was the thing I was most excited for in Munich, Therme Erding (, the world’s largest thermal spa! Now, the spa has 3 main areas, 1 of which is a water park. Being what I’d lovingly call a manchild, I had to see the Waterpark… sadly it was riddled with children, which if you know anything about me… hard pass. So I was able to get 1 quick slide in before heading back to the baths.

So the baths… oh the baths. There really is no better way to describe this place other than incredible, oh, and bare! Put your mind in the gutter because yes, I mean a large portion of the baths are nude. There is a part of the baths where you can wear bathing suits, but much of that is currently undergoing renovations.

Since cameras are frowned upon for obvious reasons, enjoy this Yin and Yang from one of the relaxation rooms

Call me a prude, but the nudity piece made me hesitant. Nudity is not something that I think most people in the USA are super comfortable with so I could never imagine something like this even existing there, but from what I’ve gathered this is fairly common in Europe. Thanks for being so progressive!

As the saying goes… when in Bavaria, do as the Bavarians do (or something like that). So, I jumped on in (not literally, it is probably frowned upon). The giant main bath is equipped with an indoor and outdoor area, 2 bars, several lounge areas with jets, and plenty of other bathers. As you may have gathered, the pool is massive, as is the complex, and this is only 1 attraction.

Surrounding the pool are restaurants, lounge areas, and saunas. I spent most my time in only two other places, the Russian and Celtic saunas (each sauna/relaxation room has a theme).
Why these you might ask? Well, every hour (on the hour for The Celtic sauna and the half hour for the Russian Suana) somebody from the resort (yes they also have a hotel and standalone cottages onsite) comes in and does a show of pouring water and ice on the hot stones. These two shows include some great music and plenty of steam. The Celtic sauna even includes a “King’s chair” way at the top of the room where you can get the full experience. Me being me, I had to try this chair out, so on my second round in there I went for it. The group quickly learned I didn’t speak German, but I was referred to as the king, so I’ll chalk that up as a win in my book.

I ended up spending around seven hours at the baths when I originally thought I’d do about four. It was so easy to lose track of time and so fascinating that I found most the day had passed me by while there. And honestly… I’d go back in a heartbeat. Heck, I’d go back to Munich just to show other people this incredible place.

All in all, my first weekend and day of unemployment was a wild success filled with activities I love, delicious food, and terrible wifi. All things I expect I’ll find in several places during the next years of my life. Now, I’m off to the USA for five days to add the one thing that was missing from this trip… my best friends! See you sloots soon so we can get this crazy show on the road! Next stop, Peru and Machu Picchu.

Don’t worry world, we will save you from the giant guinea pirates ;).

Bonus! Getting to fly back first class has its perks

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