Where we’re going, we don’t need.. roads [Iceland]

The Back to the Future reference has nothing to do with flying around in a Delorean, which would be pretty lit, but honestly not as cool as yeeting ourselves off the beaten path of Iceland. Tourists flock to the Golden Circle for their fix of waterfalls, the Blue Lagoon, and landscapes that are cute by comparison. We went above & beyond, powering through the common destinations in two days so we could take in even more breathtaking, alien terrain via the F-roads through the highlands

So when you lose the minimum ‘one exposed tire track’ does it get downgraded to a G road?

I won’t pretend like the accessible stuff wasn’t cool – I haven’t taken this many pics on a trip in years – but thanks to our best friend Justin’s (almost) superior planning, we had our minds incrementally blown each day since landing (pro tip: book your glacier hike adventure for the correct day or.. you won’t be able to do it). Unsurprisingly, people really want to hike on a glacier so spots go fast :).

It’s relatively difficult to put words to the array of what we had the privilege of seeing in the 13 days we spent there. We hiked up a mountain, wind whipping little icies in our face, ridge after ridge. We traversed a canyon that looked like it belonged in Jurassic park, Chris in sandals like the loveable idiot he is. There were at least 12, and maybe up to 6435 waterfalls (Chris can’t count), an erupting volcano, geysers, glaciers (from afar), lava caves, a troll, and a puffin in a pear tree.. or cliff. Same, same.

Basalt columns AND a waterfall? Icelandic 1-2 punch! FINISH HIM!
It’s like mother nature knew we all needed showers.
HASHTAG NO FILTER! Also, no dinosaurs. Probably for the better.

Things we didn’t have the privilege of seeing: a glacial ice cave (We’re not letting Justin live this down), our camping stove boiling water, or a structurally sound tent. But even that couldn’t touch our mood while we ate sandwiches with Tully in said tent in the highlands and caught one of the most memorable sunsets of all time.

The land of fire & ice doing fire & ice things.

So if you want to do Iceland right, here’s all you need to know –

Step 1: Rent a car with four wheel drive and a decent amount of clearance.

Step 2: Tack on the best insurance they have. You’ll still have to mind the undercarriage… and rivers.

Step 3: Acquire some not shit camping gear, and definitely a rain jacket.

Step 4: Crush through the Golden Circle, then go get yourself lost. 

Step 5: Profit. (Well, maybe not actually, because food is quite expensive.)

The lesser known Step 6: Find one of these inflatable blobs on a playground and absolutely go bounce on it.

Full itinerary coming soon for those lazy and/or smart people who want to lather, rinse, & repeat this glorious adventure!

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