One syllable, Two entrees, Five stars. [Flak Restaurant / Patreksfjörđur, Iceland]

Food glorious food!

After about 10 days circumventing Iceland, we’d come to expect the scenery to be incredible, but what we didn’t expect was the level of culinary prowess outside of Reykyavik! We never had single bad meal, no matter how far out into the middle of nowhere we were or how unsuspecting the gas station food looked.

The biggest surprise had to be Flak, a restaurant in the town of Patreksfjörđur in the west fjords. While we were staying on the other side of the fjord, seeing their pictures on le Googley had us thinking the 1 hour drive would be worth a shot. We wouldn’t be writing this blog if we were wrong.

The restaurant is in what looks like some type of refurbished farm building according to, Krista, our resident pseudo-expert which gave it a rustic charm. Not to mention they brew their own beer and have a cork dartboard! Upon entering, we were immediately seated and began reviewing the “very extensive” menu. The options were fish soup or a vegan soup. They knew what they were about.

Crushing the K.I.S.S principle (Keep it simple, stupid!)

The owner came over and let us know that they had over 50 beers available, but that their house brew was a dry hopped IPA. Being the millennial beer snob with a man bun that I am, I obviously chose this beer… and then chose it for the next round due to it’s deliciousness. One fool in our group ordered a sour, but immediately understood he made the wrong decision – checks out as we now call screwing up “Seaning it” (named after the man himself booking next day flights to the Maldives). To be fair, the sour was good, but it couldn’t compare to the IPA.

Beers and fish soup ordered, we decided to fulfill the American stereotype of being fatties and ask about the snacks (hors d’oeuvres for you fancy folks) the menu mentioned. On rotation today were fish jerky, Parmigiano crisps, and a roasted nut medley. In the words of somebody much wiser than me, they all slapped! The soup was also served with a pepita flatbread and hummus, which may have been my favorite bread/hummus combo I’ve ever had. Watch out Mediterranean, Flak is coming for you!

That hummus knows it’s angles.
Parm crisps and fancy mayo!

So after some beer and snacks the fish soup came and boy was it delicious. It reminded me of a fish curry and as someone who loves spice and curry I was all about it! The meal wouldn’t have been complete without dessert though, and the restaurant managed to make a vegan dessert taste better than a normal dessert. The vegan chocolate cake was obviously made with love as even the non dessert lovers of the group were into it.

Soup as steamy as Ryan Reynolds himself.. and maybe as tasty 😉

As with every traditional dessert though, it needed a complementary dessert beer. While we all had some more of the homebrew, the owner had been chatting with us throughout the meal and decided we needed to try one of the other sours. It was a blueberry, licorice, cinnamon bun sour that is brewed by a bakery in Reykjavik, in the likeness of their most popular pastry. The owner also happened to be his cousin.

Love having my cake and drinking it too.

We were understandably hesitant at first, but he preempted our skepticism of the honestly kind of disgusting-sounding flavor combination. And.. he continued his genius streak because we actually enjoyed this wild beer. Based on that, we had to hit up Braud & Co. when we got back to Reykjavik to give this cinnamon bun a try, but not getting there until early afternoon was a mistake and the delicacy was sold out! That didn’t stop us from trying every pastry they still had on hand though. Another 5 star showing!

Meals and beer finished, we decided we couldn’t leave empty handed, so we ordered 12 tall boy IPAs not to go 😉 because that’s not allowed. And again, being the extremely gracious host, they included a stout for us to try as well. Between the 4 of us, only 2 cans survived the night.

So when you find yourself in the west Icelandic Fjords, likely prowling for puffins, take the time to #swingby Flak and prepare yourself to be wowed!

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