Eat, Sleep, Dive, Repeat. [Central Atolls of the Maldives]

We figured this would be a week of firsts. Minimally, Krista’s first liveaboard, and hopefully our first time scuba diving with whale sharks. We did not, however, foresee a marine accident being on that list of firsts. We were hanging on the second deck and literally watched our boat slow motion t-bone itself with another moored liveaboard. Even as Chris saw it slowly approaching, I figured we’d tap the thrusters and skirt right by, but oooope were we wrong!

Even still, that was a blip on the radar of our first two days pretending to be mer-people. We’ve already put a few of our underwater jaunts in the running for best dive(s) yet. From hooking onto rocks and watching two mantas get in their daily oral hygiene for a solid ten minutes, to dropping in on schools of eagle rays and reef sharks, the Horizon III has given us almost everything we could ask for. This includes some great company topside and a plethora of vegetables to help offset last week’s fried noods binge. 

It’s been so nice to get back out into the world and mingle with like-minded divers/travelers from various continents. I’ve missed the sound of foreign accents and hearing other folks’ adventure stories so much. And let us not forget the ego boost of hearing that we’re all pretty much divemaster ready and of course, fun 🙂

Trying to not ruin the sunset for our new friend and photographer, Veronika (IG: vdbullet)

It wouldn’t be a trip if we didn’t also give something back so we’ve entertained our divemasters who, after quickly gaining their trust, have allowed us to get creative with our water entries. Top style points go out to Senior for committing to the always painful belly flop, Justin’s valid ‘warrior three into nose dive’ and Chris throwing it back to his day’s as a lineman (Omaha! Omaha! Bluuuuuue forty two, set, HUT). 

Stay tuned for more sick pics, safety stop shenanigans, and if you’re lucky maybe even a video of a choreographed swim platform entry!

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