Inauguration Day

Victoria Falls, Zambia
October 2019

I started writing for this soon-to-be-blog a while back as I headed to DC, so the title of this first post, or our “first day in office,” if you will, is perfectly on-theme.

The office, as I’m about to describe it, is probably the farthest thing from Webster’s description you can get. Ideas for the venture have been rolling for the past three years+ digitally across 50 countries, in bars, on air & land commutes to the day job, laps around the farmer’s market and *humble brag* on a Galapagan dive boat speeding towards schools of hammerhead sharks. The greatest thing is that these workspaces are about to get more obscure.

The dream: Never work another day in our lives.

The premise: Weave a vast web of human connections across all 206 countries and remove the perceived barrier to those itching for world travel.

The means: Breaking societal rules and deadpanning when people laugh at me for saying, “anything is possible if you just believe.” Because it is.

If you’re thinking about the word office in the context of holding a powerful position, maybe you could call us the Executors of Fun. Chief Executive Adventurers. Chief Shenanigan Officers. The Happiness Cabinet. But I prefer the B team – it’s self-deprecating, relatable, and imparts the correct level of welcoming to anyone who genuinely wants to play. We’ve worked hard to gather a golden squad of Madison-based Buddies, but the time to expand our horizons is coming.

So here it is – the oath. Hand on bible.

I heretoforth vow to quit my job, ditch my worldly possessions, and buy a one-way plane ticket.
I’m going to say yes to places, people, and experiences, a lot of which I don’t yet know exist.
To make strangers into friends, tell their stories
To open my eyes and all of yours
To the best of my ability
So help me God.

Saddle up, friends its about to be a wild ride!

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  1. Sharon says:

    Good luck


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