There’s a lot of world to experience and an unlimited number of ways to do it

We’re running around the world and telling the story as we go to inspire fellow explorers, the from novice weekender all the way up to seasoned nomad.


“One if by land, Two if by sea,” or so the old adage goes. By my count that means were going to need three lanterns on this adventure.

Victoria Falls, as seen from Zimbabwe.
Grilled octopus at Sacramento’s gem Localis.

After a long day exploring, the best way to experience a new place is by refueling with local fare – served from street carts on up to the Michelin Man himself.


Swimming, biking, running, hiking, yoga-ing.. If it’s a form of movement, we probably love it. Follow Ash chasing Pikachu from the isle of Skye to the shores of Bali.

All smiles during Madison’s Ironman 70.3

Some think that time is our most valuable resource, but I argue that it’s people. Experience is only so sweet without someone to share it with.

Best friends with the best view of Quito, Ecuador.


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Currently: Panama (August 29 – September 3)

Next Stop: Belize (September 3-9)


While relaxing may not be our forte, when we finally do find time to chill out, we do it right.

A gorgeous Bahmanian sunset.

“The faster you move, the slower time passes, the longer you live”

Peter Diamandis